Real-Life Example of Writing Down Challenges

Kareem Amr
3 min readDec 17, 2022
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Friends always tell me to jot down my problems to see them in a better way. It was hard for me at first but one time I got fed up with the challenges I decided to write them down.

I used

to start writing down, I just started with why I’m putting it down.

The challenges that I face in my life are a lot and they are affecting everything in my day-to-day activities so I thought of writing them down and defining how would I want to look at them to figure out a way to relieve the stress caused by those challenges and more importantly grow.

This was the first thing I wrote in the document and following up on that I’ve done a S.W.O.T analysis for myself to recognize my different aspects.

Once the S.W.O.T was done I was able to see written down points and then I followed up with listing all the challenges.

  1. A lot of cash debts
  2. Low market exposure
  3. Lack of personal identity
  4. Too many distractions
  5. Instability
  6. Slow career growth

I believe that most of us face similar challenges nowadays so I also thought of an approach to overcome them once and for all.

I’m looking forward to tackling those challenges in a smart way that can be iterated in the future to ensure progress and growth.

This can be done by clarifying the activities that should be done to encounter the challenges, benefiting from them, and converting them into opportunities and strengths.

I also described each challenge in depth such as:

1. A lot of cash debts:

This is a lot of cash that I’ve to pay for things that’ve done in the past or essential to living a specific lifestyle

  • Installments
  • Rent
  • Bills

Most probably I’ll always have to live with debts because this is living anyway but I just need to keep them managed and secured in one way or another.

2. Low market exposure:

People in the business market sometimes forget about me except those who interact with me physically or remember me from a remarkable activity that we’ve done together.

  • Current or previous work friends
  • Friends of friends

3. Lack of personal identity:

I’m known as a designer I should stress this and make people believe in what I’m doing daily.

  • Problem-solver
  • Strategic
  • High intelligence
  • Challenges lover
  • Feedback believer

4. Too many distractions:

Whenever I’m doing something I can easily be attracted to something else and just lose the focus on what I’ve to do.

  • Starts everything immediately.
  • I don’t say “No”.
  • Bad time management.

5. Instability:

I always feel lost and didn’t achieve anything, uncovered and also not reaching anywhere with unorganized goals or objectives.

  • No financial stability
  • Lack of defined goals
  • No measurements or trackable KPIs

6. Slow career growth

Reaching a point where I feel that i’m rusting and not doing anything new and not educating my self enough.

  • No new learnings
  • Not following trends
  • Lack of clear vision.

Now it’s more clear how I see myself, it’s time to face the challenges.

Writing down everything, prioritizing the higher-impact challenges, and time-bounding actions helped me build a better routine and clearer goals to achieve.

This medium profile is one of the goals to achieve. In December 2023 I’m going to publish the results and achievements of this new routine.



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